How to take care of the electric cable!

Good morning, then let's talk a little about how to take care of the electrical wiring.

It is very common to find in buildings, factories, even in some parts of the home such as the garage, long meters of loose cables that are exposed without any type of mooring and protection. This not only decreases the useful life of the cable, causing damage due to the footfalls of people, the passage of vehicles, water or any external element, but also, it is very dangerous as it can cause serious accidents.

Damaged cables can cause short circuits in the devices to which they are connected and even cause serious fires, so it is important to use cable ramp to protect them. These high resistance cable covers have large channels for the protection of a large number of cables. The hinged lid allows the top loading of the cables for comfort. Made of polyurethane, the cable covers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in most weather conditions. In addition to being very practical and being able to remove them for use in another space with ease

I hope you follow the advice and I wish you good luck, good afternoon!


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